How To Start A Business With Little Or No Money

If you have a computer at home and access to the internet, you can start a home based business for very little or no money with affiliate programs. Affiliate programs, also known as associate programs and revenue sharing programs, allow you to receive commissions for promoting the products of other businesses. Doing this is fairly easy on the internet.

All you have to do is build a website, talk about something you are interested in, and get other people who are interested in the same thing to visit your website. Here is a step by step outline of how to do this:

1. Pick a subject that you know something about. It could be sewing, cooking, tole painting, pregnancy, etc.

2. Select a place to host your website. You can build a website for free at like this one. If you want a website without banners then pick a cheap but reliable webhost like you don't know anything about publishing websites, you should build your website at At this company, they walk you through the process step by step.

3. Join affiliate programs that relate to your subject of interest. The easiest way to do this is to join one or more affiliate networks. Affiliate networks host the affilate programs of many different companies. When you join an affiliate network you can pick which company you want to promote. One of the largest and most popular affilate networks is also know as Commission Junction.

4. Start writing. Write a few articles about your subject of interest. Post these articles on your website.

5. Find sponsors for your website in the affiliate networks that you have joined. For instance, if your website is about sewing, you could join the affiliate program through Commission Junction. After you join the program, place links and banners on your webpages that talk about fabric.

6. Promote your website. You can promote it for free by registering at some of the search engines. You can also pay a small amount to promote your website at pay per click search engines like

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