Tips For Making Money With Your Crafts

Crafts can be a lucrative business for the stay at home mom. If you are a crafter and want to start making money with your craft here are some tips:

Basic Sales Tips

1. Specialize in one area. From a customer's perspective it is much easier to shop from a crafter that specializes in one craft than from one who sells a teeny bit of everything. Pick one thing that you like (for example tole painting) and get really good at it. Your work and your craft booth will be much more memorable from the customer's perspective. People will remember you as the "tole painting lady" or "the soap and candles lady."

2. Compile a mailing list. Every time you do a craft show be sure to get the names and addresses of the people who buy from you. Then when you have something new to announce, send a quick note to all of your customers. This way you encourage repeat business and loyalty to you and your products.

3. Make your crafts unique. It might be tempting to copy another crafter or an idea out of a book. But to make your crafts memorable you should make them unique. Learn from what others have done, and then make yours different somehow. It will make your product special and memorable for your customers.

4. Offer several versions of your products. Offer a scaled down version that can be sold to people who don't have much money. Offer a higher priced version with extras that can be sold to people who want something different, unique and who are willing to pay more.

Craft Show Tips

1. Hand out business cards to customers and potential customers when you do craft shows. If you don't want to, or can't make them yourself, you can order them online.

2. Choose your craft shows wisely. It is better to go to one or two good shows with customers who are ready to spend, than to several shows where no one buys anything. If you need help locating craft shows click here.

3. Engage the customer without being pushy. If you can offer a sample or a chance to test or try on your product then do so. Potential customers will get excited about what you have to offer and this will help you to make more sales.

4. Label your products. A nice label should tell something about the product and have contact information for you and your business. If you need to order labels, you can order them online.


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